Legal Raps

Yo yo, listen up, I got some legal news
I’m here to share, don’t wanna confuse
First up, Alberta legal society got the scoop
When you need advice, they’ll help you regroup

Next in line, vanguard legal magazine with insights so fine
They got the analysis to blow your mind
Wanna know if Arkansas will legalize weed, they got the latest updates indeed

Now, let’s talk about destroying businesses on social media
Got to be careful, or you’ll end up in a legal glee
Repeal legal meaning is a tricky notion
Understand the implications, avoid the commotion

Now, for the fun stuff, let’s talk about booze
Legal drinking age, in Maryland and the cues
International business marketing, a comprehensive guide indeed
Crossing borders, fulfilling every business’ need

For those in love, courthouse wedding days can be fine
Just check the schedule, and you’ll be feeling divine
And don’t forget about arbitrary rule of law, it’s essential to know
Comply with the principles, and you’ll be good to go

Finally, a question that pops up time to time
Is it legal to drive without a wing mirror, does it cross the line?
Laws and regulations, they keep us all in check
Follow them carefully, and you’ll avoid a legal wreck